Adorable Decorator Box with Bright Pastels and Prints - 12 Piece Home Decor Box

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Adorable Home Decor Box - 12 Piece Home Decoration Box

Whether you're decorating a new space (HELLO COLLEGE!) or you just want to add some coordinated extra-touches to your existing room, this 12-Piece Home Decorator Box will brighten up each and every day and keep looking great all year round.

Each box is designed by a team of designers in USA!

Bright pastels, neutral undertones, and a dash of utility make this one of our highest-rated home decor boxes. You get 3 interchangeable/seasonal decor items, 8 items for everyday decorating, and 1 super-useful organizational accessory. Each box includes artwork from a featured artist and design that can't be beat.

What's in the box?

Curated Art Print
This cute double-sided art print features two coordinating seasonal prints, each side perfect for display on a clipboard or in a photo frame.

Stripes and Florals Pillow Covers
Included is a square pillow cover with black stripes on white and adorable black pom poms as well as a reversible lumbar pillow cover that features a floral print on the front and a cute pink and white mod dot print on the reverse.

Cheeky Cork Coasters
Includes 4 high-quality pressed cork coasters, each featuring a punny phrase. Drink up buttercup! Whether it's your morning coffee or an evening cocktail these coasters bring fun to your drinks.

Things to Remember Clipboard/Blackboard
You get stuff done! And if you're anything like us that usually means to-do lists. Use this cute letter-sized clipboard to post your to-do lists or get hands on and use the included blackboard pen to write directly on the clipboard. Includes hook for easy hanging on a wall where you can monitor your progress and update your list.

The Friendly Cactus you Never Water
We just love saying succulent and we love this one more than most. This faux succulent in a white ceramic vase is a timeless and classic home decor item. Perfect for a desk of a table, this little friend never needs water and will always be there to bring some green energy into your space.

Reversible Wood Plaque
Get motivated with this reversible plaque. Features a fun message on one side and an emotionally inspiring message on the other. Hang from a hook or stand it upright on a shelf for various looks.

Stop the Clock Tabletop Clock
The perfect size for a nightstand or a small desk, this teal clock with white dial and black numbering is both classic and modern all at once. What time is it? It's YOU time!

Wood Lattice Crate
This one is super versatile. Use it in the kitchen, use it on a desk, use it in the bathroom, it cleans up your mess! Perfect for holding office supplies, books, magazines or for organizing spices and jars in your kitchen.